2014 Courses Intake

Diploma in Counselling
1. Diploma in Counselling Psychology[ Mode of Study: Once a week ]
[ Days of Study: Wed or Sat ]

Duration: 2 Years
Fee Kshs 222,400
- Intake in Progress

Diploma in Social Work & Community Development
1. Diploma in Social Work & Community Development
Duration: 2 Years
Fee Kshs 70,000
- Intake in Progress

Certificate in Counselling
1. Beginning Theory & Practise of Counselling
Duration: 6 Months
Fee Kshs 57,900
- Intake in Progress
[ Mode of Study: 1 Day a week ]
[ Days of Study: Fri ]

Certificate in Social Deveopment
1. Certificate in Social Development
Duration: 1 Year
Fee Kshs 40,000
- Intake in Progress

Short Courses in Counselling
1. Basic Counselling I & II
2. HIV Counselling I & II
3. Drug & Substance Abuse I & II
4. Child Therapy I & II
5. Stress Manangement / Loss & Grief
6. Parenting for Adoloscents
7. Trauma Counselling
Duration: 2 Months
Fee Kshs 12,000
Fri Class & Sat Class:
- Intake in Progress

1. Stress Management & Building Resilience
- Intake in Progress
Fee Kshs 2,500
- Intake in Progress
2. Dealing with Loss and Grief:
- Intake in Progress

Our Contacts

Head Office
Mbagathi Way
Off Langata Road
P.O. Box 41738 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel : +254 02 6002672 / 3
Fax : +254 02 6002674

Cell Phone :

Safcom: 0722 626 590
Airtel: 0733 263 870

E - Mail :


Satellite Centres

Town Office
Nairobi CBD Office,
KCS House 7th Floor,
Mama Ngina Street
Cell Phone:
Safcom: 0718 225 627
Airtel: 0733 388 200
SMS Line:
0722 797 068

Ugunja Office

Along Ugunja Sogomere Road
Mobile: 0723 455 882

Kisumu Office

Tom Mboya Estate
Behind National Oil Service Station
P.O Box 3568 - 40100
Tel: 057 - 2024524

Mombasa Office

Ambalal House
P.O. Box 88165,
Tel: 041 - 2315906

Nyeri Office
Petwell Place 2nd Floor
P.O Box 733 - 10100
Mobile: 0723 633 661 Tel: 061 - 2034641


Amani was founded in 1979 as a voluntary organization to provide counselling services for people with emotional and psychological problems, as well as training counsellors. The thrust of Amani from its inception was directed towards the restoration and development of the dignity of the human person, which would be achieved through improving mental health care within the community. 

Amani has highly qualified staff who undertake in - service training regularly. Amani has Satelite Centres in Kisumu, Nyeri and Mombasa.  This has changed the focus of future programmes, no longer confining them to a central office but expanding to meet the needs of communities outside Nairobi.

Mission, Vision & Objectives

The ACCTI Vision Statement
“ Persons and Organizations in Kenya and beyond who are empowered and wholesome.”

The ACCTI Mission Statement
“ To professionally facilitate the realization of wholesome and empowered Persons and Organizations in Kenya and beyond.”

The Objectives of the Centre are:
To provide counselling services to individuals and families regardless of race, sex, creed or community.

  • 2. To assist people in improving their emotional health through understanding their attitudes, behaviour and emotions.

The ACCTI Value Base

In order to achieve its Vision and Mission, ACCTI is committed to a number of Core Values: Inspiration by Biblical Principles, Integrity at personal and Organizational levels, Stewardship, Humility, Excellence & Love and compassion.

The ACCTI Counselling Services

  • The Counselling Centre is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on weekdays & Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m ( For New Clients )
    Counselling Services Include: Individual Counselling, Couple Counselling, Family Therapy, Child therapy, Group Therapy & Supervision for practicing Counsellors
    One counseling session goes for one hour.
    The normal fees are: Consultation fee: Ksh.400, Intake fee: Ksh. 400, Counseling per session fee for a child/individual: Ksh. 1,200, Couples: Ksh. 2000, Family of 3: Ksh. 3,000
    Corporate: Intake fee: Ksh. 500, Ksh.2, 500 per session for individual clients, Ksh. 3,000 for couples.