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About Us

Founded in 1979 Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute (ACCTI) is an independent not for profit voluntary organization that provides counselling services to people with emotional and psychological needs, offers training for professional counsellors as well as equipping those in helping professions with counselling skills. Based on its rich historical foundation that was pioneered by visionary and committed founders, the organization has continued to provide the much needed services that enable individuals, communities and organizations to adapt to the emerging lifestyle patterns and challenges of a world in transition.


First time client goes through an assessment process (intake) where their personal details and reason for seeking counselling services is captured. This process is important so as to be matched to the right counselor.

Our charges: (Intake) fee of Kshs. 600, Consultation fee of Kshs. 600.  The ongoing counselling fees is Kshs. 3,000 per session for individual clients, Kshs. 5,000 per session for couples, Kshs. 6,500 per session for family of 3,


Payment via insurance: initial processing (intake) fees of Kshs. 600 for corporate clients, Kshs. 4,000 per session for corporate individual clients, Kshs. 5,000 per session for corporate couples 


Kshs. 2,000 per session for Amani Certificate and Diploma students


Confidentiality: Counselling is dependent upon a relationship of trust and open communication. Whatever you share with your counselor is confidential. If consultation is required with your Physician, Pastor or someone else, your permission must be sought in advance.

Cancellation of Appointments: If you are unable to keep your appointment, please inform the office at least 24 hours in advance.


Change of Counsellor: If for some reasons, you are not satisfied with the counselor who has been assigned to you, after termination as per paragraph three above, inform the Intake Counsellor. A Client may change a counsellor only once.

Termination of Counselling: Should you wish to terminate sessions we ask you to notify your counsellor in person. The counsellor will extend the same courtesy to you if it is necessary for him / her to close off the meetings. Preferably, this notice should be given at least a week in advance and your reasons for terminating would be appreciated.

Nairobi CBD

Mwalimu National Sacco Building, 8th Floor

Tom Mboya Street opposite Ambassadeur Hotel

Mobile: 0718 225 627



2nd floor Central Plaza opposite Stage ya Katikati

Mobile: 0725 749 073/ 0723 633 661



Laxmi House 1st Floor

Moi Avenue opposite Toyota Kenya Ltd

Next to Standard Chartered Bank

P.O BOX 85641-80100

Tel: 041 231 59 06

Mobile: 0723 647 768/ 0725 949 490


Tom Mboya Estate behind National Oil Service Station

P.O BOX 3528-40100

Mobile: 0723 752 096/ 0731 259 246 / 0724 062 670



2nd floor at Lake Western park bld

Mobile: 0724 290 703


Off Kisumu- Busia Road, next to Kolalo Grounds

Mobile: 0724 290 703




CALL: 0722626590/0733263870


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