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Clinical Services

Training of Professional Counsellors

Training in Social Work and Community Development

Training in Counselling Psychology

​The ACCTI Services include:

1. Clinical Services: This entails provision of counselling services to individuals, couples, children, family and clinical supervision to practicing counsellors and debriefing/ defusing of individuals and groups. These services are provided at the headquarter and regional offices as well as outside Amani premises as per client’s request.

2. Training of Professional Counsellors: Amani offers training of professional counsellors at different levels through its short courses, certificate and diploma programmes.

3. Training in Social work and Community Development: ACCTI offers training in Social Work and Community Development at Diploma, Certificate and short courses levels to support its work with the communities.

4. Project Work: ACCTI offers tailor made courses and training workshops (including trauma counselling) for different target groups. The trainings aim at equipping the communities especially service providers with basic counselling skills and other relevant knowledge. Through its trauma intervention and with assistance from the donor partners, ACCTI has continued capacity building specific target groups within the communities in the areas of trauma intervention, peace building and reconciliation.

ACCTI continues to strengthen the capacity of care providers within specific government ministries and agencies in the areas of psychological interventions at workplace. These programmes are aimed at enhancing community capacity by empowering them with the relevant knowledge and counselling skills that will promote their participation in improving their psychological and emotional wellbeing and those under their care.



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